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Oral and Topical Photoprotection

Outdoor activities play a part of a healthy lifestyle. The sun is a source of health and well-being but can also have negative consequences on the skin. Enjoy and protect yourself from the sun with Heliocare®!


Solar Radiation

Solar radiation is a wide spectrum of electromagnetic radiations issued by the sun. Within this spectrum, and depending on its wavelength, we find different radiations.

Ultraviolet radiation (UV) is the best known and studied, nevertheless, Infrared (IR) and visible (VIS) radiation make the largest percentage in solar radiation and have been under study for the last years.

Ultraviolet radiation-Infrared-Visible

The ultraviolet radiation that reaches the terrestrial surface has UVB and UVA rays. . Both radiation types induce oxygen reactive kinds (ROS) or free radicals, responsible for causing oxidative stress and its skin consequences like a loss in cutaneous defenses, photoaging signs (blemishes, wrinkles, firmness loss, sagging…) and eventually the development of skin cancer.

UVB radiation reaches only superficial skin layers (epidermis), but may have a bigger carcinogenic potential, due to its DNA cell exposure causing “DNA mutations”, and turning cutaneous cancer into a possibility.

UVA radiation , reaches deeper skin layers down to the dermis. It contributes indirectly in the development of skin cancer and induces enzyme growth that destroy collagen fibers and elastin, causing cutaneous photoaging.
High UV radiation exposure causes reddening and skin inflammation commonly called solar burns.

IR and VIS radiation reach deeper layers in the skin and promote free radical generation causing skin damage, boosting photoaging and blemishes. Moreover, it has been proved that RUV action is strengthened over DNA, encouraging the development of skin cancer.

IR radiation (near IRA) , represents more than one third of solar radiation reaching the skin. It affects mainly collagen fibers, contributing to the appearance of wrinkles and cutaneous sagging. IR radiation has a notorious thermal effect causing heat strokes.

VIS radiation is visible to the human eye, and contributes to cutaneous reddening, but mostly it has been observed that it is highly responsible for the incitement or worsening of skin blemishes.

Skin has different self defense mechanisms for solar protection. These mechanisms are mainly two: melanin synthesis, determined by cutaneous phototypes, and the keratinization or thickening of the most superficial skin layer.

These mechanisms, although effective, are not enough to protect us appropriately from solar radiation. This is the reason why topical photoprotection and oral photoprotection play an important role.

Topical Photoprotection

Combines Fernblock ® with the most advanced filters containing antioxidant and restorative ingredients offering the best coverage against solar damage.

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Oral Photoprotection

Increases skin protection against damage produced by solar radiation, essential to all skin types, especially those non-tolerant or sensitive to solar exposure.

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Did you know that a simple burn can lead to something as devastating as skin cancer?

Avoid long sun exposures especially between 12 pm and 4 pm.

Look for shady areas. Remember: when the projected shadow of your body is shorter than your height, it is time to protect yourself in the shade.

Use clothes, hat, glasses, and other specific measures which will help you protect yourself from the sun.

Always use photoprotection. Ask your pharmacist or dermatologist which Heliocare products best adapt to your needs.

Apply sun protection half an hour before solar exposure and do not forget an oral photoprotector.

Reapply every two hours and after each swim.

Do not overuse tanning booths.

With babies and children, it is important to maximize these measures.